Chastity Belt For Men - CB-6000® CAMOUFLAGE

Chastity Belt For Men - CB-6000® CAMOUFLAGE
Length3 1/4" (82.55mm)
Inside Diameter1 3/8" (34.925mm)
Ring Sizes#1 – 2" (50.8mm) ID, #2 – 1 7/8" (47.625mm) ID, #3 – 1 3/4" (44.45mm), #4 – 1 5/8" (41.275mm) ID, #5 – 1 1/2" (38.1mm) ID
Locking Pins4
Locks1 Brass w/2 Keys, 5 Plastic Numbered Locks
LubricantPremium Silicone Lube

CB-6000® Camouflage is the latest finish of the CB-6000® model. This full male chastity penis cage kit gives you everything you need to bring a tactical lockdown to your penis. Cage your desires with our comfortable and secure custom fit penis cages and be locked in with a finish fit for the woodsman or uniform man.

The CB-6000® Designer Collection Male Chastity Device offers the utmost in comfort and security. The ring design consists of three interlocking pieces that fit together like a puzzle. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together. The oval locking pin goes through the middle recessed hole connecting the cage portion to the ring. The flat design of the rings is extremely comfortable and secure. The finish of the CB-6000® Designer Collection is an exceptional durable overlay on our lightweight medical grade polycarbonate material. The cage portion is vented for hygiene and has a bottom opening allowing use at urinals. The different size rings and spacers included in each package allow you to customize your fit to your individual needs. The CB-6000® Designer Collection restricts you from touching your penis for sexual pleasure and gives the Keyholder control over the sexual fulfillment of both partners.


-   3-1/4" Cock Cage Length
-   Made from Medical Grade Polycarbonate
-   Lightweight, Hypoallergenic, and Durable
-   Extremely Comfortable Ring Design
-   Secure and Reliable
-   Vented with functional openings for urination and easy cleaning

All kits include the penis cage in selected color, size, as well as multiple rings, spacers and locking pins for a fully custom comfortable fit. Also included is a secure brass Master Lock along with travel safe numbered plastic locks for metal detectors.



-   CB-6000® CAMOUFLAGE Penis Cage
-   Multiple U-Ring Sizes for the Perfect Fit
-   Strong Brass Lock with 2 Keys
-   5 Numbered Plastic Locks for safe TSA passage
-   Luxurious Zippered Carrying Case
-   Sample Premium Silicone Lube
-   Various Locking Pins and Spacers for custom and secure fit





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